Hi, hello…

I’m a Pisces Sun / Virgo Moon baby born March, 1980… You can find me typically barefoot, in my swimmies, covered in paint, prolly making messes in the sun.

Art is the way I heal daily, it surfaces my flow state. If I have indefinitely stopped thinking and just living by my instinct / intuition, my healing is complete.

It’s a struggle daily. We all have it. You are not your thoughts. We just need to release ourselves from modern man patterning of society.

Embrace risk as your servant
Trust your path.

The unknown is the sexiest place to be. Your path will unfold as it should. Your thoughts collapse the probability wave. Just trust in the Universe. It has a divine plan for you (and it’s better than anything you could come up with for yourself). If only you can just let go and float.

I’m just here to hopefully inspire a few folks, learn, teach, hug, love, laugh, cry, eat, swim, run, stretch, create, honor my shadow side as much as my light, and just make a living out here during the process of this journey.

My aim in what I produce is to make you feel empowered, free, raw, not afraid of anything… To know your true potential comes from the inside out. To help activate those energies that fuel your higher-self. 

To view my full art / photo commission portfolio (and tons more about my background), please visit www.JulieWorsham.com.

Thank you for stopping by. Maybe our paths were meant to cross. Hugs and love…


*Please contact me for any original art, prints, or bookings/ commission inquiries at jules@2tired2sleep.com.


Let's Create Together

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